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VILE was founded by Bimo (bass) who was together with Ade (gitar), Anto (drum) and Dedi (vocal) wanted to make a band that playing noise music in February 1998 to be exact. After that, they agreed to play their music with brutal death metal style too. But because of the limited skill and inspiration, they decided to play songs from other bands like DYING FETUS, DEEDS OF FLESH, INFERNAL BLEEDING, and CRYPTOPSY. Besides for fun, they were intending to measure and sharpen their music ability. After playing in Campus IKJ's music event, Dedi left the band because he didn't have time again. Not for long time, Sapto ex SADIST joined the band for vocal. With new vocalist, VILE was following several underground events in Jakarta like Noise Gate (Poster Café), Aftermath II (M Club),...etc. This formation was very lazy to following participation in some underground events, so their name was rarely known by local underground scene and overseas. After several months, VILE was vacuum because Anto (drum) left the band because of his personal problem that the other personnel didn't understand about. Not for long time, Ade left the band too because he had problem with his job. Because VILE was non-active for long time, then Sapto (vocal) was chosen to leave from the band and built a new band with ex-personnel of VILE.

After left by other personal, Bimo still holding with VILE, he left his bass and changed with guitar. This spare time was used by Bimo to create songs while found a new drummer. One year passed Ghebes (drum) and Ewin (bass) joined with the band. They were trained very intensive and then created 5 songs.

Theme of VILE's songs was about social phenomena including suffering, people oppression and their fights against tyranny. But all of that make in language with blood smell, mutilation, death and gore. Although existence other bands that used name and style that was almost same, they d care.

This time, VILE has been finished all of their material (8 songs) for full-length album that is titled "Systematic Terror Decimation". Released and distributed by Dementia Record (new indie label from Jakarta) around the end of October 1999. In this record, VILE uses Nino of TRAUMA for additional lead vocal. PREPARE FOR THIS SICKNESS !!



"Systematic Terror Decimation".- 1999 Dementia Records

Track listing


  1. Butchered Human Corpse
  2. Maggot Infestator
  3. Carnal Dissection
  4. Anonimity of the Mass Death


  1. Deranged Epidemic
  2. Dehumanized
  3. Feeding the Famished Zombie
  4. Sick Sick Sick



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