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TOTAL TRAGEDY was founded on May 1998 in Surabaya by Harru. Richard, Syamsul, Martha, Ekko and Wisnu. From the beginning they have had the spirit of underground music and consistence on this kind of music. They have done so many activities with the other Indonesian Underground musicians, who one of them is Army Of Darkness (Black Metal Society from Surabaya). From that time they started to get in stage, such as open air at school, campus, café and theatre. They got good responds from the undergrounder in Surabaya.

TOTAL TRAGEDY has a specific music characteristic that called Romantic Gothic Shadow. It's a variation music rhythm with a black metal and death metal touch. They have a theactrical and gothic atmosphere in their music, which influenced from Northern. Being supported by backing female vocal, the piano and keyboards strings within the guitar sounds will bring the audience to a magic word. Some of their favorite bands are WITHIN TEMPTATION, THEATRE OF TRAGEDY, LATEBRA, etc.

There're their two unforgettable performance:

  • Army Of Darkness Live II at IKIPN Surabaya on April 1st, 1999 that was sponsored by Amy Of Darkness - Surabaya

  • Surabaya Death Fest '99 at Cak Durasin Building, Surabaya on August 1st, 1999 that was sponsored by EFT Production and HR Production - Surabaya.

After their performance at Army Of Darkness II, Wisnu left from the band and his position often had been placed by some people, who is one of them is Sari who Joined until Surabaya Death Fest '99 event.

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