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~ Extreme Sundanese Ethnic Black Metal ~


NOCTURNAL ORCHESTRA was born in 14 July 1999 in Bogor with first formations is Agatos Daimon (bass & vocal), Zhyeithan (drum) and Lucifer (guitars). Three weeks later Doom Occulta (ex. PORTALISM HELL) come to join with NOCTURNAL ORCHESTRA on bass, so Agatos Daimon just take the scream vocal.first formation

This formations just for three month, after that Agatos Daimon has been kick-out from the band for his personal problems with NOCTURNAL ORCHESTRA.

In December 1997, NOCTURNAL ORCHESTRA has recuited three additional musicians, they are Draconis (keyboard), Ereshkigal (vocal), and Princess Lucretia (female vocal), with this formations NOCTURNAL ORCHESTRA playing songs from CRADLE OF FILTH with music concept "Ethnical Blasphemic Black Metal".

After two month, Draconis, Lucretia and Erishkigal left from the band for the personal reasons, and NOCTURNAL ORCHESTRA with three members changes their music style into extreme and aggressive black metal, they called their new music style is "Pure Extreme Sundanese Black Metal", and then NOCTURNAL ORCHESTRA changes all their songs from 'Gothic Black' into 'Pure Extreme Black Metal' with influences MARDUK, THE BLACK and THE ABYSS, for lead vocal taken by Zhyeithan.

In February 1998, Zeboath come to join with this band in rhytem guitars, but not for long time, Doom Occulta has been kick out and now Zebaoth take the bass guitars.

July 1998 NOCTURNAL ORCHESTRA was release their first mini album with 6 songs and 2 intro called "Nar Samum".



Count ZebaothKing LuciferianLord Zhyeithan

[from left to right]



"Nar Samum" - 1998 Ep

Track list:

  1. Jonggring Saloka (intro)
  2. Legenda Pantai Selatan
  3. Nar Samum
  4. Grave of Barbarian Warrior
  5. Battle of Kurusetra
  6. Nocturnal Orchestra
  7. Telaga Kesediahan
  8. Sundanese Dark Mystical Black Magig (outro)



  1. Pentas seni UNIDA I, Bogor
  2. Festival Rock Blackmeok I, Majalaya *
  3. Festival Atmosphere Rock I, Poster Cafe - Jakarta *
  4. Pentas seni musik PESEK II UNIDA, Bogor
  5. Parade Musik SMA I Cikupa, Tanggerang *
  6. Festival Musik Bambu Cafe, Tangerang *
  7. Parade Musik UNIDA III, Bogor
  8. Festival Musik JAMZ, Bogor
  9. Parade Musik Kemerdekaan, Tangerang *
  10. Festival Musik Anak Bangsa FEKON UNIDA, Bogor *

(nb: * guest band)


For more information and booking management, contact:
C/o Emil Zhyeithan
Jl. Raya Ciawi - Sukabumi
Gg. Pesantren Kh. Ma'mun Rt. 02/07 #11
Ciawi - Bogor 16720
Phone : (0251) 240252 - Emil/Agus Gondrong