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NEUROTIC OF GODS formed at the end of 1996 in Bandung, with the first formations :

After finished six song's and finished "Blacker Than Darkness Compilation", Dani Tezcaflipoca was set him back from band and NEUROTIC OF GODS was vacuum until NEUROTIC OF GODS recruited Yoseph on bass. Second formation are :

Then on July 1999 Yana Sabazios was set him back from band and for a while guitars possition was fill by Utis (APOCRYPHA) as additional musician.
On September 1999 Hendra Ifhtar also set him back from band to finish his study and then Yogi hold a vocal position.

On November 1999 Yudi (ex. CRUSADE) formal as part of NEUROTIC OF GODS as guitars possition. NEUROTIC OF GODS change whole the music, lyric and songs idea where more tells about world destruction, death, immortality, spirit world, emotional gust plus grand and darkness element. They third formation are :

On the beginning of February 2000, Yanyan (ex. BIER CORPSE) formal as part of NEUROTIC OF GODS to hold guitar possition. So, the last formation of NEUROTIC OF GODS are :