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KALANGKANG has been formed since January 1998, the pioneer is Tissan. KALANGKANG was taken from Sundanese language, which means SHADOW. KALANGKANG is used for it's suitable is easy remember and closely related to Sundanese, because all personnel are Sundanese specifically from Rangkasbitung (BANTEN). Before using KALANGKANG, we ever used MISTIK's name on January 1997. But not long we changed the name into TORAC, the formation were Tissan (Lead guitars/growl), Padli (Rhythm guitars), Topik (Bass) and Doni (Drums). At that time we ever participated in "Parade Musik se-LEBAK".

Because we did not match with TORAC, then we changed the name into KERANGKANG, the formation were Tissan (Lead guitars/growl), Padli (Rhythm guitars), Topik (Bass), Doni (Screamer) and Peank (additional drums). But not long, we finally change it again. While Tissan was confuse with the name of his band, he asked a suggestion for name of the band to Joe of GETIH and then he gave a better name for his new band which was KALANGKANG, the meaning same with Tissan's desire which it was SHADOW.

Finally KALANGKANG become the name for the band and the formation were Tissan (Lead guitars), Padli (Rhythm guitars), Topik (Growl), Yoga (Bass) and Ulhe (drums), he replaced Doni because there was problem. But now Ulhe is just additional drummer. Not long, Tissan decide Padli now is just additional guitars. Whereas Yoga was replaced by Andy. And not long Topik resigned him self and was replaced by Fungky because he wanted to find a job. But now Fungky is change by Doni. For the drummer Tissan decides to use additional drummer is Peank or Ulhe. So, that was the changing of the band name and personnel because we did not match each other. And now KALANGKANG formation is:

  • Tissan - lead guitars/backing scream
  • Andy - bass
  • Doni - growl/scream
  • Padli - additional guitars
  • Peank - additional drums

KALANGKANG was influenced by NAPALM DEATH, old SEPULTURA, SUFFOCATION, CANNIBAL CORPSE, CRYPTOPSY, DEICIDE, TERRORIZER, and MASSACRE. The music concept of KALANGKANG is Brutal Death Grind with the touch of Sundanese ethnic pitch and classic.

On June 1999 KALANGKANG release promo tape entitled "Shadow Of Darkness", containing of six songs. The songs are:

  1. Iblis
  2. Human Darkness
  3. Ayat-ayat Setan
  4. Sekarat
  5. Slave To The Grind
  6. Maut

KALANGKANG lyric songs tell about death, human darkness, devil influence and social criticism. In this promo we also have additional bass: Yoga, additional growl: Fungky, and additional drummer: Peank and Ulhe.

For more information, booking, please contact:
C/o Tissan
Jl. Sentral No. 15 RT. 01/04
Rangkas Bitung 42312
Phone : 062 - (0252) 202685