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"Brutal Fast Death Metal"

IMPRECATORY stand on April 1999 from the very start formation, are :

They taked 'Brutal Fast Death Metal' as the basic of their music. Influenced by SUFFOCATION and DYING FETUS. In this formations, they had created a lot of songs, such as :

  1. Sirculation Blood Of Hatered
  2. Gejjolak
  3. Moral Laknat
  4. Prostitution
  5. Brain Of Revolt Psycho

They were partisifated on "Free Style" Compilation Part 3 by No Label Records Production. Which the one of they song called "Gejjolak". The hole theme of their creations are about Moral Crisies, Freezing Development System and Destruction.

C/o Iwan
P.O. Box 3
Cicalengka 40395
Bandung - West Java
Phone : (062) 22 - 7949864 (Asep)
E-mail :