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June 26th, 1999 HELLGODS has been Re-release our first LP, only US$ 7 (include P&P) for overseas or Rp. 18.500,- (include P&P). Get its...!!!
June 16th, 1999 In 2 May 1999 when the band played in Sukabumi - Indonesia, Chex Barbarian (bassist) played guitars, he replaced Abu Black Ass who went out from the band in 16 May 1998 and on bass replaced by Syam's Dark Winter (ex. AULL bassist - R.I.P.). HELLGODS use additional musician for backing vocals, he is Bramdanielle Sade (CRUSADE's vocalist). So, HELLGODS's formation for this time are:
  • Ade Black Wizard : Perversion of Sermont (lead vocals)
  • Loex' Black Storm : Vestal Profanation (guitars)
  • 'Chex Barbarian : Bestial Fornications (guitars)
  • Syam's Dark Winter : Infernal Maelstorm (bass)
  • Agung Abyssia : Sentinel of Abyss (drum)
  • Bramdanielle Sade : Shadow Voices (backing Vocals)

25 July 1999 "BANDUNG GELEGAR 1999" live at GOR Saparua Bandung - Indonesia with the other bands, likes: NOISE DAMAGE, JASAD, BRUTAL CORPSE, TENGKORAK, and many many more again...!!!


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