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line upHELL GODS was established in Bandung on 16 September 1995. At the beginning it was the session band because its personnel's are from the consolidation of several band groups: Ade Black Wizard (vocal) from MORTHEIS, Abu Black Ass (Guitars) from ABULLGORE and IBLIS, Loex' Damien (Guitars) from DEATH MASTER, Chex Barbarian (Bass) from MORTHEIS and Agung Abyssia (Druma) from GHOSTSPELL. The name of HELL GODS means "Dewa-dewa Penguasa Alam Kegelapan" (Gods the Rulers of The Darkness of Nature).

At the beginning HELL GODS presented songs from THE ABYSS , ROTTING CHRIST, IMPALED NAZARENE, NECROMANTIA, and CRADLE OF FILTH. HELL GODS took the music concept of EXTREME VIOLENCE BLACK METAL then added with mystical elements, the darkness and the greatness. The HELL GODS is influenced by other groups of bands from abroad, such as: THE ABYSS, EMPEROR, SATYRICON, CRADLE OF FILTH, IMPALED NAZARENE and NECROMANTIA.

To fill in "Female Vocal" in the song presented by HELL GODS, they used 'Additional Musician' Ria Vixen who joined in May 1996. But she didn't stay long and then was replaced by Rini in July 1996. Not along after that she was replaced by Kiki Vampire in October 1996 and she stayed quite long, but in March 1997 Kiki Vampire quited.

In July 1997 HELL GODS recorded its first album entitled "When the Forest Became My Kingdom" and the filling in "Female Vocal" in this album HELL GODS used "Additional Musician" Siska Fransiska (from PRAETERMONSTRO). In September 1997 Ria Vixen joined this group again to fill in "Female Vocal". And in November 1997, HELL GODS was recorded for the compilation underground "METALIK KLINIK", also included in Black Mass compilation "Blacker Than Darkness".

In February 1998, Ria Vixen quited and followed by Abu Black Ass (now in Unseen Darkness) on 16 May 1998.

C/o Ade Black Wizard
Tromol Pos 15 DYK 40258
Phone: c/o Agung Abyssia (062) (022) 705374