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The band has been found in 1993 at Jakarta by Novan (drum) & the other same almamater of ABI : Anton (Vocal), Ozay (Guitars) and Boy BD (Bass). We decided to use "GODZILLA" as our band's name, which this name is suitable for us as our musick and style. On that moment, GODZILLA often plays cover songs from Napalm Death in every gigs.

Due to line up problems and two of our member Ozay and Boy continue to get another job. For handle this, Novan initiates to use additional musicians, for guitar : Boy (Abigail/Ritual Doom) or Arif (Abidirt) and for bass : Abel (Dreamatorium), Tole (Lier/Kompor) or Rony (Lunatic/COB).

For a couple year this band remain silent, more concentration to finished our study. In 1995, we're back and joined with new formation, for guitars : Rabel (Locker Death) & bass : Yopi (Demoralizer). Anton then changed by Adi (Inveksi) in the middle of 1998, but Adi is not so long enough here caused by his busy bussiness. Additional line up used again in this case for vocal, they are : Sigit (Sajen), Jacky (Panic Disorder) or Adrin (Ordoth).

In early 1999, Yopi out of the band, but finally the current line ups now are :
Novan - Drum
Rabel - guitars
Tole - Bass
Adrin - Vocal
We pulvirize the stages with our songs as follows :Reaksi, Dwifungsi, Kematian, Disintegrasi Moral, Cyberschizo, Hypnotism, and Rage in Fear with brutal hyper blasting style and touch of technical harmonic sound. The influence into band like Solstice, Cynic, Cryptopsy, Infernal Torment, Cannibal Corpse, Dead Infection. Our lyric are mainly about mankind, sarcasm to unjustification, blasphemy on mankind stupidity that called human as God, false faith, human right destruction.

Stage by stage in Jakarta or other city destroyed by GODZILLA and get a very good response from the audience, especially from the undergrounders.

Many compilation project such as "Brankas II" and "Universal Harmony" has followed by GODZILLA with some of horrifying songs to decapitate the listener.



C/o Adrin
P.O. Box 8572
JAT 13085
Phone : + 62 021 5680908 (Novan)
E-mail :