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FATAL SICKNESS was formed in the middle of 1997 and joined in Grinder Troops (Solonese Extreme Music Organization). The first formation were Bonnie - vox (he ever took MAKAM's vox for session), Sugeth - guitars (now in MAGGOTS COLONY), Didith - guitars (ex. SKIBBONAX, he just got 4 gigs with FATAL SICKNESS, Ichsan - bass, and Herrie - drums (ex. TORMENTOR). The first formation had style music that influenced by INCUBATOR, GRAVE and a little bit of HYPOCRISY plus DEATHWITCH (Death/black combination exactly).

Almost one year since FATAL SICKNESS was formed, FATAL SICKNESS got fucking disease and of course it would spread to all band. Then FATAL SICKNESS had to be exist with 2 freaks and tried to be gorgut in Solo city and Indonesia Underground scene. The player crisis brought about critical and coma of souls. But it was too long alter FATAL SICKNESS got coma, it had helped by 2 strange fuckers fresh blood transfusions. They were Bowo on vox and Ronald on bass (but Ronald had to be out from the band and the bass position was took by Wiwik), and Ichsan moved to be fucking guitarist, what's about Herrie?? of course he was still on drums.

The last formation above released 2 promo/demo. Promo/demo had title "Vaccination" (1998) and "Sexual Difficulties" (1999). FATAL SICKNESS infected death metal's freaks with FATAL SICKNESS's songs but FATAL SICKNESS brought LEGAL BUTCHERY's songs also. It influenced to FATAL SICKNESS's songs very much, it means FATAL SICKNESS's songs is pure death, black metal and grindcore combination musically. You can call FATAL SICKNESS's music is UNHOLY SICKNESS DEATH METAL. About FATAL SICKNESS's lyrics and missions, FATAL SICKNESS tells about fucking band moral, freaks life style, sexual stimulus, infected disease and sexual difficulties. This solid formation had broken with Herrie's statement that he wanted to be unactive guy in FATAL SICKNESS. Herrie's position was taken by Sy-fey (Ex. FUCKER BUTCHERED) for a while. But he is just session.....
Present line up FATAL SICKNESS are :

  • Bowo - vox
  • Ichsan - guitars
  • Wiwik - bass
  • Sy-fey - drums

The las change formation change music style. Especially on drums, it's mean FATAL SICKNESS's songs more fast and more death metal style. With this newest formation, FATAL SICKNESS is trying to more fucking spread virus and infected careful with your fucking healthy....!!!! You've been warned...!!!???

For medical treatment, please contact :
C/o Ichsan Hidayat
Jl. Merak IV No. 15
Solo 57134
E-mail :