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DRY formed in October 1990 by Gugus (drums) and Marno (vocals) as the former. In the beginning they still played death/grindcore and influenced by NAPALM DEATH, BRUTAL TRUTH and CANIBAL CORPSE.

In November 1994 DRY changed their name into DRY CORPSE and the formations are : Marno - vocals, Gugus - drums, Hendro - guitars, and Rosyid - bass.

In previous formations, Cholis (guitars, now in WAFAT) and Iwan (bass, now in UNLIFE) have joined with DRY CORPSE. But after four years, in 1994 they separated because the misunderstanding of the members.

In the beginning of 1995 DRY CORPSE raised again after Eric (guitars, ex CORECORPSE) and Aris (bass, ex MURKA) joined the band. Then the changed their name again into DRY and play black metal music. In 1995, they were the first band who play black metal music in Surabaya.

In April 1997 they released their first album "Under The Veil of Religion" and they joined with others band to release a compilation album "Surabaya Underground Compilation".

After the success of the first album, they planned to release second album. When they make their second album in Januari 1998, U'ud (guitars, ex ASMODEUS) joined the band. And they joined in compilation album "Army Of Darkness". They played one new song from the second album.

In December 1998 their second album "Belenggu Kelam" released. And at the same time, Aris and U'ud went out from the band, but in Januari 1999, Joe (bass, ex SUKMA) joined the band.

The black metal bands who influenced DRY are DARK FUNERAL, MARDUK, IMMORTAL, THE ABYSS, AND DISSECTION.



C/o Gugus
Jl. Karang Rejo VII/45
Surabaya 60243
(062) 031 - 8284206