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Line-upSomething that can't be blew up just like that, from the beginning of DISINFECTED is when we (Adith & Andris) still joined in ROTTEN CORPSE which in that time only one personel (Adith) left, after that ROTTEN CORPSE was help by Amank - vocal, Ade - bass and Yana - guitar. In the next moove, we decided changing the name with DISINFECTED on 2nd of November 1997, and ROTTEN CORPSE was just history (R.I.P).

DISINFECTED was formed with the first formation, Amank on vocals, Adith on guitars and Andris on drums. Eventhough we didn't have complete formation yet, we was exist in writing songs which helped by Oteng (Forgotten) in bass position. Opick from Disgracer (guitar) then joined in and the last one is Sigit, ex bass player of Carawala. So, with this formation, DISINFECTED then become the most dengerous band in this planet.

At the first moove, DISINFECTED then get involved n Independent Rebel Compilation album that contains 15 brutal bands from Ujungberung - Bandung, under the name of Homeless Crew. This compilation album was published by Independent Record and PT. Aquarius Musikindo. "Reek Shit on a Tomb" is the most brutal sickness song from DISINFECTED that have to be lestened in this album. The recording was processed in 40.1.24 Studio on 3rd and 4rd of March 1998, with sound engineer Uki and assisted by Yayat.

On 7th of July 1998 DISINFECTED made a promo live tape recorded in 40.1.24 Studio. Until now we still exist to finished our songs for long distance plan making album of DISINFECTED.

DISINFECTED songs are influenced by sick and brutal wellknown bands suck as Cryptopsy, Molucious Hate, Dying Fetus and others.

List songs:

Our lyric songs mostly talk about fuckin' human suffering, sexuality and violence, which mixed in fuckin' caniballistic sarkasm language style.



C/o Homeless Crew
PO. BOX 49
Ujungberung 40600
Bandung - Jawa Barat
Phone: ++ (022) 7832445