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Lord of Darkness

"The Darkness Call My Name"

Ep - 1999 Extreme Souls Production

Track Listing:

  1. The Embrace Like Two Lover at Death

  2. In The Dark Desire Earth (RA format - 579kb)

  3. Wolves Serenade A Moon (RA format - 133kb)

  4. When The Miscreants Fell Dead

  5. Were Sex and Death Abide

  6. The Israelutes Enslaved to Shame

  7. Strike At The Light

  8. The Darkness Call’s My Name

  9. Bury Me In Retel Dream

Executive Producer by Iwan 'D' of Extreme Souls Production
Produced by CRUSADE
Recorded & mixed at Dialog Studio on July 1999
Engineered by Daddy, Wira of Undercontrol & CRUSADE
All Keyboads by Ogi Stoker Dracula
All music arranged & composed by Hendrik Gothic Overtures & CRUSADE


"Blacker Than Darknes"

Black Metal Compilation Vol. 1 - 1998 Black Mass

Track Listing:

  1. The Darkness Call’s My Name (MP3 format - 1.467Kb)


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