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line-upCrusade for the beginning is does up Ramdani and Erry, but often some long time join Yudi, Michael and Hendrik with the band to playing rhythm guitar, bass and lead guitar. Finally Crusade is get up at Bandung on 22nd September 1996 with personnel formation:

For the beginning Crusade always to bringing song from The Abyss, Elysian Field, Perventum, and Cradle of Filth. But Crusade in influence by the British bands likes Cradle of Filth and Hecate Enthroned. Crusade take concept music is Gothic Black Metal and the lyric is telling about the impoliteness of the pasting war (Barbaric Ancient War)

But after finishing the first and second song, Michael is out from the band. So the position of bass for a while is doing by Yudi, who is for the first time as a rhythm. Personnel formation of Crusade in early of the year 1997 has change to be:

After this formation solid, in the second song "The Darkness Call's My Name" has become shorter than before. So Crusade change the concept music from Gothic Black Metal to Genialer Black Metal and the lyric much tell about the darkness of human and there is about hateful cruelty and passion.

With last line-up, Crusade still staying until now, and Crusade participation too in Compilation Black Mass "Blacker Than Darkness Vol. I", with contribute one song.



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