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They built this band in April 98. Influenced by old and new brutal death, grindcore, and groove, such as Messiah, Napalm Death. By take apart on some underground concert in Banda Aceh, they hope to find the best kind of music for them. From this band 's solid formation : R-Soerya (drum), Roedy (guitar), Poeput (bass, vocal), and Fandy (vocals), born some extreme compotition such as : Independent Torture, The Next Killing Field, Acrophobie, Mortal Grinder, Social Unrest To Our Society. All of their own compotition take extremely theme on fearness, trauma, and social problem. Firstly, this bands' formation were Poeput, R-Soerya, Roedy, Fadly, Ricky Roberton. This formation was influenced by Sinister and Dying Fetus.

For detail :
Jl. Cendrawasih No. 1 AD
Peuniti - Banda Aceh - Indonesia 23241
0651 43213 (R-Soerya)
0651 44238 (Fandi)