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Established in Jakarta at Mach 19, 2000 because of unsatisfied and bored of common band life. They are Boy (drum), Ujang (bass), Jameel (guitar), and Adrin (vocal). By seriousness, now they consent in " Hyperblast ". Broke all of shit hyprocrite !!!!! Specifically, they play " Blasphemycal Gore Grind " Check it on their 5 bloody songs such as " Life after Death", " Meat Soak ", " Was Raped ", " Abhorred ", " Hatred Overture ".

For them, showing an expression on an extreme creation is an art point, and, shout the truth even it's really painful is a must. Those both their point of view are not crime. " Underground are not Crime !!!!" For all shit people who placed them on their black list, just be mature for calling from the hell !!!!

Gigs in 2000:

Sound Stage 2000, Jakarta ( 7 May)
Cikupa Riweuh, Tangerang ( 4 June)
Jungle Survival Sound, jakarta (10 June)
Jakarta With No Fear, Jakarta (11 June)
Tangerang Bawah Tanah II, Tangerang (18 June)
Lampung Gemuruh I, Lampung (8 July)
Tasi Brisik, Tasikmalaya (12 July)
Sick & Bleeding, Tangerang (23 July)

Next gig :
Brutal Fest, Yogyakarta (17 Sept)
Jakarta Berlumut, Jakarta (22 Oct)

Their fucking address : Edelweiss production
C/o Alam
Jl. Kali Anyar X Gg. 3, RT. 010/02
Jakarta 11310
E-mail :